My first cosplay ever, Justicar Syndra! Armor and assembly by Bloodraven Cosplay. Sewn pieces by Melissa Condon. Made in 4 months time, in between my full-time job and league binges.

I wore Syndra for the first time to PAX Prime which was probably… one the the best experiences of my life. Not only was it awesome to be wearing my very first cosplay for the very first time, I went to PAX with a huge group of online friends who, most of which, I met for the first time as well. Being around all of them, being at this rad convention, going to the LCS, cosplaying, meeting pros, partying with them.. it was literally the greatest time of my life so far.

The second time I wore Syndra, I wore her to RCCC with my friend Tiger Tessa Cosplay and I competed for the first time. That was.. both horrifying and awesome. The competition was super stiff so neither of us placed unfortunately but it was a really great learning experience and I loved being able to spend time with Tessa, albeit super painful due to our uncomfortable costumes haha.

After RCCC, I retired Syndra because of how uncomfortable she was to wear. With Syndra being my first cosplay, I had no idea what I was doing really. I made the head piece WAY too heavy for my head. There’s a chance I might remake the head piece though and update the costume some. She was a really fun character to be so I’d hate to have her go to waste after only wearing her twice. We shall see!


Cosplayers and photographer’s work featured in these photos. <3

Cosplayers: Sirena Cosplay : Tiger Tessa Cosplay : Coregeek : Missyeru
Photographers:  Undiscovered Photography :  The Armored Photographer : Martin Wong : Xander Marrow Photography

Photo : Joshua Lewis
Photo : Undiscovered Photography
Photo : Alexander Marrow<br/>With my fiance Robert :p
With Missyeru :)
With Coregeek Creations!
Photo : Martin Wong <br/> Battle Bunny Riven : Sirena Cosplay
Photo : Undiscovered Phorography
Photo : Undiscovered Photography
Photo : Michael Devin Greenman Photography<br/> Blackthorn Morgana : Tiger Tessa Cosplay
Photo : Michael Devin Greenman Photography
With theoddone from Team Solo Mid
Photo : Martin Wong