Hoolllllyyyy shit this cosplay. Okay so first of all, I decided to make this costume forever ago and even started on it forever ago but there was this lonnngg period of time where I was just in the biggest rut / had the super sads and hardly worked on cosplay at all for several months. Fast forward to like a week before PAX West where I finally kick my ass into gear and go from 30% costume done to 90% (costume still isn’t 100% done). WHY DID I THINK I COULD GET A LIKE 20% GUN DONE IN THREE DAYS I AM SO STUPID LOL. MATH.

I don’t have a ton to say about this costume because construction was all kind of a blur but I can share briefly how I did things, where I got things and where I found things for this cosplay.

I commissioned the jacket from Kiga of Blackwater Cosplay/Henchmen Props because I knew I couldn’t sew something of that caliber. It turned out beautifully! The yellow canister things were 3d printed and finished by me. The pants I found at Urban Outfitters and were pretty perfect aside from missing a side pocket. O well. I didn’t care to sew one on either because I really love these pants and wear them outside of cosplay haha. The gun was made out of various thicknesses of dremeled EVA foam that was sandwiched in between worbla , pvc pipes, magnets and some cheapo LED’s I found on amazon.
All the belts I kinda sandwiched EVA foam between pleather pieces and sewed them up, I did this for pouches too. Armor pieces were made out of sandwiched EVA foam in between worbla, same with the visor! Wig was a Bucky classic purchased from Ara wigs!

And as mentioned, this is only around 90% done! I plan on fixing some things I wasn’t happy with during PAX and also adding missing details later. Consider this dadmom: 76 version 1.0. 😀


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Props: Blackwater Cosplay of Henchmen Props & Cosplay (jacket), Bro-Bots (cartridge printing)
Photographers:  Coslife
Videographers/Videos: EagleRockets

Photo : Coslife
Photo : Coslife
Photo : Coslife
Photo : Coslife
Photo : Coslife