Sylvanas is a cosplay I’ve been wanting to do for… ever. Since I was in my early teens I think? And even after I started cosplaying I was scared to actually do this cosplay due to how revealing her design is. Honestly, I reeeaaaallly didn’t and still do not feel comfortable enough with my body to wear such an outfit so when her new design was unveiled at Blizzcon 2015, I FREAKED. I literally screamed YAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSS because she finally had a canon design that was fully covered. That day I vowed to cosplay her for Blizzcon the following year and I did!

Thanks to the generosities of Serg, I was able to buy some foam and worbla for this project!

I worked on and off on Sylvanas for about 6 months. I stupidly chose to make Soldier: 76 in the summer which took a l o t of time away from this costume and in the end, the final product at Blizzcon suffered unfortunately. I’m not going to lie, I’m not 100% happy with this costume. Not even like… 70% but if it weren’t for my best friend Alicia (Sirena Cosplay) and my wonderful buddy June (Nefeni Cosplay) it wouldn’t have even been that high lol. They all really saved this costume by getting it to a wearable state so I could compete in the Blizzcon competition.

There are still pieces missing like the quiver, arrows, proper strapping with buckles and I plan on actually completing this costume in 2017. Sylvanas, my queen, deserves better than I gave her lol.

On the up side! This costume showcases the best armor I’ve ever made and the best prop I’ve ever made as well! I’m seriously so, so proud of the work I did even though as a whole, the costume isn’t what I want it to be yet.

Construction details

Most of the armor was made out of 6mm EVA foam sandwiched between black worbla, all smaller detailing on it was done with headed scrap worbla that was pressed into a tri-bead roller for the beveled effect. The larger borders on the armor were made from sanded EVA foam sandwiched between black worbla. The green gems were sculpted out of clay and then casted in resin mixed with a glitter powder. The skulls on the pauldrons were 3d printed. All the sewn parts are made out of stretch pleather backed by 2mm EVA foam.

The straps were sewn by Alicia while I was working on the bow! The bow is made up of quite a few materials. I used PVC piping for the base which allowed me to break it down for travel. The underside of the bow is carved expanding foam with worbla over it.

The bones on the top side have a 4mm EVA foam base and then were covered in Thibra which I built up additional Thibra to make it more.. boney looking. The skull thingies on the ends are carved pink insulation foam wrapped in Thibra with a 2mm EVA foam + worbla armoring. I made the purple pauldron looking things out of 6mm EVA foam sandwhiched between black worbla with EVA foam + worbla bordering and pure worbla small bevels and spikes. The handle is just PVC with worbla wrapped sanded EVA foam larger details and pure worbla tiny details. Lastly, the horn looking things are carved pink insulation foam wrapped in Thibra. 😀

All purple parts of the costume were airbrushed using a variety of paints to get the color I wanted. The silver is all hand painted acrylic and the boning on the bow is mixed off-white, brown and yellow acrylics. All the weathering on the purple and silver parts are done with black oil paint!


Photographer’s, videographer’s and propmaker’s work featured on this page. <3

Skulls: Bro-Bots
Photographers:  Coslife
Videographers: Mineralblu Photography

Photo : Coslife
Photo : Coslife